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Over the years, in terms of the value of turnover, Brazil has been the first trade partner of Poland in Latin America, but its share in the total trade exchange with the Polish market remains small – only 0.3% (0.2% and 0.4% in exports and imports, respectively). The most frequently exported products are machinery, mechanical and electrical appliances and their elements, products of the chemical industry and plastics – they cover the vast majority of Polish exports.


In regard to the niche-oriented products, but managing quite well on the Brazilian market, these are mainly food – confectionery products, cookies, waffles, chocolate products, chocolates and preserved vegetables, jams, jellies and fruit purees. Another important product that has been present on the Brazilian market for a long time is Polish vodka. Huge expectations are also placed in the export of Polish apples and powdered milk in terms of export related to the agricultural industry. 


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Several factors contribute to such a small-scale export of the abovementioned products. Firstly, there are legal regulations, customs and tax barriers that aim to support your own industry and trade. The highest tax is imposed on industrial products – 35%; toys, refreshing drinks and alcohol – 20%; shoes and furniture – approx. 18%. Another problem is bureaucracy – it takes a lot of time to complete all formalities. Another unfavourable factor is a large economic differentiation between individual states and poorly developed infrastructure. In the case of apple exports, the problem is the lack of phytosanitary agreements between countries and quite large Polish restrictions on the import of Brazilian agricultural products. Brazil is trying to limit imports, but has a positive attitude towards foreign investment, i.e. establishing branches of foreign companies in Brazil, which is to provide jobs for its citizens.


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Nowadays, the fastest growing industries in Brazil that are worth investing in include healthy food, i.e. unprocessed, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan products. The industry related to animals, such as feed, accessories, veterinary surgeries and animal hotels, has also been developing quite intensively. There is also an increasing demand for cosmetic products, mainly natural cosmetics, cosmetics for men and cosmetics that eliminate scars and stretch marks, which are intended to replace plastic surgery.



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