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Over recent years many Polish companies have been interested in China’s market, and especially China’s new support policy under the banner of one belt one road.  The new scheme offers much more opportunity for China and Poland to develop the relationship and enhance bilateral cooperation. There are more and more products from Poland which have entered China’s market, including food & beverage, mineral water, vodka, juice, cosmetic products, jewellery (amber) etc. These products have proven popular, some of them are the trading highlight. In recent years the products availability expanded. However, Polish export to China has traditionally included machines and electronic products, base metals, plastics and rubber, which accounted for 64.6% of the total export value  to China in 2018 . Wood and wood products sector has also been booming - about 116.7 % increase in 2018 compared to previous year.


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Poland is the largest country in Central  Europe. The country is located in the centre of Europe is also an important area of one belt and one road projects. Thus China’s government and Chinese enterprises have enthusiastically developed business relations in recent years . Many powerful enterprises are eager to establish joint ventures, invest, open their factories and export products to Poland. For instance, TCL, Huawei and other famous brands have already marked their strong presence in Poland already.


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Machinery and electronic product are the largest export products  groups sent to Poland. In 2019 , the total value was about  USD  15.35 billion USD . Among these commodities, the LCD ranks number one with 1.98 billion USD.  The other product groups include power control  devices, mobile devices, TV’s, and spare parts, solar energy products , lithium batteries, auto parts etc.  Textiles come number one in the ranking of Poland’s import volume from China. Clothing accessories imported from China rank second, after Germany.  Luggage products sector had been developing very fast in the 2011-2016 period, the increases rate of about 115.1%, and constituted a half of Poland’s market. Shoe-products business is at the same level and enjoys the first position in Poland’s market  now.

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According to Eurostat statistics, the China and Poland trading volumes increased on year-on-year basis 2013-2018. In 2018, totalled  to about 23.6 billion USD with 13.99%  increase in trade volumes. Poland - China trade increased by 4.49 % in 2018.

China is one of the largest countries in the world with  1. 4 billion people, the second-largest, very fast growing economy. China plays a significant role as a global economic driver. China opens its door to the world and welcomes all our business friends and partner to China to explore new markets.  2 years ago, Chinese Government organised first edition international import fair in Shanghai, which enjoys the world’s first position in the import sector. We clearly express our willingness to develop international business in China, including investments and cooperation, import products and many other cooperation ways. There many business opportunities for Poland. Poland has many good products which are also most welcome by Chinese people and among them  meat , dairy ,vodka , juice ,make up products, amber and many other. China has a prosperous consumer market. Favourable policy and great support from our Government makes us believe that there are much our two countries can achieve together.


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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese Government undertook serious and quick actions designed to test for virus, isolate patients control the situation. That was done quickly and swiftly. The Government issues transparent information and guidance for citizens requesting self-protection, mask- wearing, hand- washing , rapid epidemiological surveys. The policy in place made it possible to staunch the virus pandemic and spread. Now China is getting back to the normal. The economic situation has improved . Starting August, many cities have organised exhibitions and conferences, yet control methods to avoid virus spread have been introduced. Since the situation outside of China is still problematic, Chinese Government pays attention to the domestic market , boosts the business volumes, stimulates economic recovery , and supports all the world . Of course , at same time, Chinese Government encourages Chinese people to take some practical actions to do the business with other business parties from overseas. Now,   online meetings or virtual expos are a popular way to hold matchmaking sessions and finalise business transactions. On-line provides the platform to build and enhance business relationship all across world .

We are all facing the challenges of this particular period. We think we could change our traditional idea of the exhibition industry. On-line is important,  offline is no less important. The two can support each other at the Covid-19 pandemic. The virtual expo is a good way for business development. In the future , we may provide a more flexible and extensive choice and tools to help our clients to do the business .

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Machinery and electronic product are the most important part of the trade volumes between our countries. These sectors exhibition could be a priority. Of course, many consumer goods we use daily, we use for leisure, sports, green energy, technologies, personnel protective equipment, auto spare parts, consumer electronic products etc. are also a part of our future.




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