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Indonesia, an island nation, the 14th largest country in the world. A country with 270 million. citizens, included in the exclusive group of Emerging 7 (i.e. the seven fastest growing economies in the world), which makes it not only an extremely attractive market, but also a great place to locate business. It is worth adding that negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement are currently underway between Indonesia and the European Union. The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement is provisionally in force between the EU and Indonesia.


Most Indonesians are employed in agriculture, although agriculture produces only 14% of GDP. 45% are services and 41% industry, including the most developed - mining. Indonesia mines natural gas, gold, crude oil, hard coal and nickel.


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Polish companies are already present in Indonesia, but there is still great potential for increasing Poland's role as Indonesia's economic partner. Current exports mainly include chemical products, machines, meat products, metals and plastics. But the indicated areas that could be of interest to Polish companies also include automation and machines, ICT, medical equipment, interior furnishings, equipment for uniformed services, eco-food and environmental projects. Polish imports from Indonesia are primarily machines, textiles, plastics, tools and footwear.


The advantages of investing in Indonesia include, above all, simplified import clearance of goods necessary to start production, inexpensive sea transport, but also the possibility for foreign companies to participate in state tenders.


Analysts predict that by 2030 the Indonesian economy will be the 7th economy in the world, ahead of, among others, Germany.