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Mozambique is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa, and economists' forecasts for the coming years are optimistic. It is a country rich in natural resources, the economy of which is mainly based on agriculture and fishing. It is a country open to international cooperation, and its customs and tax law is conducive to foreign investments.

Trade between Poland and Mozambique is constantly developing, and the interest of Polish entrepreneurs in this market is growing. In recent years, the most frequently exported products were grains, machinery and electrical appliances. Tobacco, cane sugar and aluminium are mainly imported products from Mozambique by us.

The products supplied to Mozambique, albeit on a smaller scale, are textiles, chemicals and food. Above trends are influenced by geographic distance between countries, making South Africa and Angola Mozambique's main partners, as well as cultural differences.


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The textile industry is a sector that could be of interest to Polish entrepreneurs, which is currently developing there from scratch, but at a rather dynamic expansion rate. The energy technology is another sector in which you can look primarily for investment opportunities, but also for exports. The aim of the energy technology is not only to increase the access to energy for the country's inhabitants, but it also has an impact on the development of industry and production. Mozambique, as one of the Southern African Development Community, could also become one of the importers of Polish food. Construction has also been developing rapidly in recent years – Mozambique is often called one of the largest African construction sites. It is being built there on a previously unknown scale, which gives wide opportunities not only to foreign manufacturers of building materials and interior finishing, but also to service providers. It also results from the government's plans to expand the transport infrastructure, build a new seaport and build new railway lines. It is one of the countries with the largest infrastructure investments in Africa.


It is also worth noting that by the year tourism is becoming an increasingly important sector of Mozambique's economy. It is noticeable in the increase of revenues from this sector and the number of people employed in it. The government is also planning investments related to its development.


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